Lakers create more cap room, waive Tyler Ennis

The Los Angeles Lakers are doing everything possible to set themselves up for a major run in free agency once the market opens up this weekend. That now includes waiving backup point guard Tyler Ennis.

By waiving the 23-year-old guard, Los Angeles saves $1.66 million against the cap heading into July. Acquired from Houston midway through the 2016-17 campaign, Ennis averaged 5.2 points and 2.1 assists in 76 games with the team.

In a vacuum, this move means very little. Ennis played a very minimal role for the Lakers last season. Instead, it’s all about the team creating as much cap room as possible to chase the likes of LeBron James and Paul George in free agency.

Los Angeles is also in the midst of talking to the San Antonio Spurs about star forward Kawhi Leonard. More cap room would only help in that regard.