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Kyrie Irving shoots down report he threatened surgery if Cavs didn’t trade him

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving had a chance to set the record straight on Friday about a report from one day earlier indicating he was threatening to opt for surgery if the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t trade him last offseason. Not surprisingly, he absolutely denies having made such a threat.

He also cracked a joke about it all.

Whether he did or didn’t make the threat, nobody can deny that Irving jumped ship at the right time. Cleveland is in a complete tailspin right now, having lost six of its last seven games and seven of its last 10, falling to third place in the Easter Conference, 6.5 games behind the Celtics.

Meanwhile, Irving and the Boston Celtics are sitting pretty in first place, 1.5 games over the Toronto Raptors. Though, the Celtics will be tested in the next couple of weeks without Marcus Smart, who committed a serious no-no that has him on the shelf.