Kyler Murray: CFB players should get paid

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There is a growing chorus of voices speaking up these days on the topic of whether college football players should be paid. Kyler Murray is firmly planted on the “pay them” side of the fence.

On Saturday during an interview before the Heisman Trophy presentation, Murray made it clear where he stands on the topic.

“I feel like we bring in a lot of money to the universities… we put in a lot of work. Some guys don’t have enough money to bring their families to the games… so I feel like athletes should be compensated for it,” Murray said, per Simone Eli of CBS 42 in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Those on the other side of this argument point to the free tuition, room and board that scholarship athletes receive from their respective universities.

However, Murray’s point about players not even being able to supply family members to their games, is just one of many that illustrate how collegiate student-athletes are often not getting everything they need.

The NCAA is bringing in record revenue these days. The television deals that major universities are hauling in annually are crazy, especially considering that the NCAA is supposedly a non-profit organization.

It’s time to pay the players. The NCAA wouldn’t have any of that money without them.