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WATCH: Kyler Murray beat Andy Isabella (4.31-second 40) in foot race

Jesse Reed
Rob Schumacher/Arizona Republic via USA TODAY NETWORK

Kyler Murray is seriously fast, but anyone who has watched him play already knows that.

Just how fast is he? That’s a question we don’t have a definitive answer to, because he didn’t run the 40 for teams at the combine, or at Oklahoma’s pro day.

Now, thanks to a short video clip, we have a better idea just how fast Kyler Murray is. Check out Murray racing Andy Isabella and others, and clearly coming out ahead.


For the record, Isabella ran an official 4.31-second 40 at the combine. And before that, he said he ran a 4.26-second 40.

So, yeah. Kyler Murray is faster than fast. He’s lightning in a bottle.