Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch leave no room for ‘hidden agendas’

By Michael Dixon

According to new head coach Kyle Shanahan, the power structure of the San Francisco 49ers is not an issue to him. What’s more important is working with the right people.

The new head coach of the 49ers laid out the way it’s going to work going forward, leaving no room for “hidden agendas.”

“None of it matters if you’re working with the right guy,” Shanahan said, per Nick Wagoner, ESPN. “It was important to have the 53 on paper so the players know… There are no hidden agendas with any of us.”

Wagoner also added that Shanahan “didn’t seek full power.” Additionally, the coach will have control of the 53-man roster that the team breaks camp with. Interestingly, new general manager John Lynch will run the draft, free agency, and will dictate which 90 guys go to training camp.

That certainly sounds right on paper. It’s a virtually identical front office to the ones employed by the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons. It’s also something that current members of the team are applauding.

The problem with the 49ers is that the front office has been incredibly dysfunctional over the last several seasons. Granted, many of the controversial figures have come and gone, but one that remains is CEO Jed York.

It’s possible that York has learned his lessons. But ultimately, that’s going to have to be proven by what happens on the field and front office in the coming years. For now, though, the Shanahan/Lynch era is off to a positive start.