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Minnesota Vikings’ K.J. Osborn helped pull man from burning car to save his life

K.J. Osborn
Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

We can now officially use the word hero whenever Minnesota Vikings wide receiver K.J. Osborn is mentioned in conversation.

The humble young fellow who summarized how he helped to pull a man from a burning car and save his life as simply, “right place, right time” deserves all the praise in the world for what he and a few others did Sunday night.

Here’s the Tweet from Osborn’s official Twitter account where he briefly describes what transpired. But this is certainly one of those instances where the photos do an abundance of talking.

Unbelievable, really. Based on the last two photos of the Tweet, it sure looks like K.J. Osborn and his co-heroes pulled off a miracle with their efforts to rescue the man from what had to have felt like an impossible situation.

With so much negative news dominating the cycle, this is just the coolest right down to the way the Vikings’ third-year receiver seems to so humbly view his actions.

Here’s what Osborn had to say — word for word — in that first slide from the above Tweet.

“Most of the time the saying goes, ‘wrong place wrong time.’ But this time I believe God had me, us, at the right place at the exact right time. Last night myself and these 3 absolute hero’s helped save a mans life by rescuing him from a vehicle up in flames after a bad crash. A situation I’d never imagine being apart of in a million years. I’ll leave you with this. God is real. And His LOVE is real. He will send his angels to be camped around you and provide you with his grace and mercy.”

K.J, Osborn on saving man from burning car

Powerful, succinct words from the 25-year-old, who simply felt he was fulfilling his duty as a human being by just being in “the right place at the exact right time.”

It’s no guarantee that just anyone stumbling upon a situation as dire as this one would have done what he and those others chose to do. It’s kind of amazing to read Osborn’s words and then swipe over to a photo of what can only be described as happiness and relief.

What an incredible story that should honestly place sports in the proper perspective they belong in.