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Kirk Cousins shares the cutest pic of his baby

Rachel Wold
Kirk Cousins Cleveland Browns

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins became a first-time father this past fall. And, it is obvious that he has fallen head over heels for this sweet, little guy.

We could not just stop with just one cute baby picture. We had to share a few posts from Cousins’ Instagram account.




Now that the NFL 2017 season is over for Cousins, he will have plenty of time to cuddle with his baby boy.

These upcoming weeks will also give Cousins plenty of time to ponder his career. He could remain in Washington if he and the Redskins agree to terms. Or, Cousins could explore free agency. HeĀ also recently expressed interest in the Cleveland Browns.

For now though, Cousins looks perfectly content just being a daddy.