Kirk Cousins says Redskins waited until next day to tell him about Alex Smith trade

The Vikings signing Kirk Cousins will go down as one of the worst deals in NFL Free agency this year

We’ve highlighted the Washington Redskins as one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL more than once, and now we have even more evidence to throw onto the pile. Kirk Cousins, appearing on NFL Network Friday morning, said Washington didn’t inform him of the Alex Smith trade until Wednesday — the morning after the trade went down.

That’s just disrespectful.

Cousins has been low-key itching to leave Washington for a while now, and a lot of that has to do with a lack of respect. This is just one more example that the organization which drafted him is a dysfunctional mess.

Not surprisingly, Cousins thinks he’ll be a free agent this spring (one of those “duh” statements, to be honest). He’s already reportedly made his top choice known, and it’s going to be fascinating to see where he lands.