Kirk Cousins having free agency journey documented by film crew

One of the hottest up and coming NFL free agents, Kirk Cousins celebrates during the Redskins-Seahawks game

As Kirk Cousins makes what is the most important professional decision of his career thus far, the free agent quarterback is being followed around by a film crew. ESPN’s Adam Schefter passed along this information on Monday night after a day in which many a rumor emerged about where Cousins could land.

Much like Tom Brady did with his “Tom vs. Time” series, a film crew will document Cousins’ free-agency journey.

“We are opening up our home to allow a behind the scenes look into what really transpires before the contract number scrolls across the bottom line of ESPN,” Cousins said Monday night.

Cousins himself sparked some very interesting conversation on Monday when an open letter thanking Washington may have inadvertently signaled two of his top destinations. He’s the biggest domino that needs to fall this free agency period — once Cousins decides, many other signings are sure to follow, especially at the quarterback position.

At some point in the future, we’ll all be afforded the chance to peer behind the curtain to see how it all unfolded.