Kirk Cousins dishes on due date of child conflicting with game schedule

Assuming nothing changes between now and the start of the 2017 NFL campaign, quarterback Kirk Cousins, will be with Washington when the season begins.

Besides the uncertainty about landing a long-term deal of his choosing, another concern for Cousins is where his team will be playing in Week 2. Cousins’ wife Julie is expecting their first child due right at the Week 2 marker. It would be most convenient, of course, to have a home game that week.

“That’s not the ideal time, but we’ll find a way to make it work,” Cousins told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on his ‘Know Them From Adam’ podcast (h/t John Keim of ESPN). “She’s been a phenomenal football wife. She loves following the games and the team and loves the guys on the team. She said if it conflicts with the game, you go play the game and you get there when you get there.”

Wow. Julie already sounds pretty awesome and supportive. Cousins however, said he would “want to be there” when his first child is born, per ESPN.

The NFL schedule is not out for release until April. So, Cousins will hopefully receive some good news in the form of a home game in Week 2.

“We’ll keep our fingers crossed and see what happens,” Cousins said. “But there’s no doubt we’ll be looking at the schedule the first few weeks of the season to see where we are.”

At least a divisional game against either the New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles on the road would keep him somewhere near the Washington D.C. vicinity.

If Cousins does have to miss a game, Colt McCoy will be on hand as a backup, and the franchise is confident he can win games.

This all changes if, for some reason, Cousins gets his wish and winds up playing with his former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan out west in San Francisco.