Report: Warriors to offer Kevin Durant five-year, $221 million max contract at start of free agency

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant is at the center of the NBA world right now as NBA free agency creeps ever closer, and the Golden State Warriors want to let him know he’s at the center of their world when it opens Sunday night.

According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, the Warriors are going to offer Durant a five-year, $221 million max contract as soon as it’s legal.

As Stein noted, the Warriors know they will have a decision Sunday night, because it’s been reported that Durant will make an announcement on his business’ Instagram account.

No other team can offer Durant what Golden State can from a financial perspective. If he chooses to re-sign with the Warriors, he’ll land $57 million more on the five-year deal than he could on a four-year deal with any other franchise.

Golden State has also put on a full-court press in recent days to let Durant know how much he means to the organization.

Being that he’ll be 35 years old in five years, that he’ll miss next season recovering from his Achilles injury and that he will have significantly more financial stability re-signing with the Warriors, it would be a stunner if Durant chooses to sign with another franchise.

Yet the NBA is nothing if not wild and crazy. So hold onto your butts as we all await Durant’s decision.