Kevin Durant beats Stephen Curry in P-I-G: ‘Finally I won something’

Up until this season, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were rivals on the court. Going up against one another last season in the Western Conference Finals, Curry’s Golden State Warriors defeated Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Now teammates, it appears that their competitive fire still burns. In a recent game of P-I-G Durant and Curry went at it in a spirited one-on-one duel.

Okay, so it wasn’t that spirited.

In any event, Durant came out on top after Curry missed a shot from behind the backboard. You know, the kind we all went for when attempting to beat our friends as children.

After the massive win, and before receiving a mini-sized trophy, Durant had Curry cracking up.

“Finally I won something,” Durant quipped.

Good for you, Kevin.