Kevin Byard ‘may have some words’ with Deion Sanders once he reaches HOF

Tennessee Titans star Kevin Byard is now the highest-paid safety in the NFL, but he still holds a bit of a grudge against Deion Sanders.

Just over a year ago, Sanders mistook Byard for a common fan on social media, and that lack of respect continues to stick in his craw.

Speaking with Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report, Byard opened up a bit more about that: “I know he knows who I am now,” says Byard. “I’m going to get that gold jacket, and I may have some words for him then. We’ll talk about it in Canton one day.”

Though he’s only played three years in the NFL, it’s hard to argue that Byard isn’t on his way to Canton if he can stay healthy and hungry. As a second-year player in 2017, he burst onto the scene with eight interceptions and First-Team All-Pro honors, and he followed that epic season up with four picks last year.

Tennessee rewarded Byard with a record-breaking contract and clearly believes he’s worth building around for the long haul. Perhaps in 15-20 years, Byard and Sanders will have the moment on stage that the Titans star dreams of.