Kawhi Leonard took Barbados trip without sponsorship

© John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

When Kawhi Leonard showed up having fun in Barbados not long after being offered a free trip there if he re-signs with Toronto Raptors, some thought it might be a sign that the star’s free agent decision was already made. Unfortunately for Toronto’s fan base, it appears the vacation was a coincidence.

A tourism board spokeswoman for BTMI Canada shared on Friday that Leonard did not accept the offer of a free trip and it was a personal vacation rather than a sponsorship. Though they made it clear the offer still stands if he returns to the Raptors.

Toronto has been offering up every little thing it can to try and convince Leonard to stay with the Raptors. While free food, a vacation and a place to live are all nice, it’s clear Leonard can afford his own trip to Barbados and a new max contract will cover any other living expenses he has.

Fortunately, the Raptors will have the last meeting with Leonard during the interview process. While they might not have LeBron James on their side to recruit Leonard, at least the fans are taking things a step further than a billboard in Los Angeles.