Kam Chancellor
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor held out of training camp and the first two games of the 2015 season before returning without getting the contract he wanted.

Almost one year removed from the ordeal he posted an interesting message on Twitter about money.

This message didn’t sit well with at least one of Chancellor’s followers, who asked why he held out last year.

Not satisfied with that answer, Ryan LeClair asked the same question again and got a different answer.

We all deserve second chances, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with preaching faith over money. That said, it isn’t surprising that Chancellor was called out for his tweet this Sunday morning.

We’ll see if Chancellor has another change of heart next summer when he is looking at the final year of his contract. Set to earn just over $8 million, he’ll likely be wanting a new deal more in line with what other top safeties are earning these days, which is north of $10 million per year.

Will he be content to earn less than the other top safeties in the game, or will he once again threaten to hold out for more money? After all, he’ll be staring 30 right in the face next summer and could have just one more chance to land a big contract in the NFL.

With that in mind, we’re going to stick a pin in this one.