Justin Verlander has perfect response to comedian’s crappy tweet

Justin Verlander
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Verlander was doing some serious work on the mound Tuesday night against the New York Yankees. I mean, he was really pushing himself hard against that loaded lineup.

Through eight innings he held the Bronx Bombers scoreless, only to give way to Ken Giles in the ninth. That did not work out well, and Giles himself needs some serious anger management classes after what he did to himself upon losing the game for the Houston Astros.

But back to Verlander. While he was doing his solid work shoving off the mound and dealing filth to the men in pinstripes, comedian Vic DiBitetto felt the need to tweet a crappy message about the superstar.

Well, it took a while, but Verlander got a whiff of this message and felt the urgent need to respond.

That’s just perfect.

It’s nice to know everything’s copacetic “down there” for the Astros ace. For a minute there, we were sweating it out.