Report: Jung-Ho Kang’s latest DUI arrest was ‘third strike’ in Korea

Bad news continues to follow Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Jung Ho Kang. Following a car accident, he was arrested for DUI in his native South Korea. Video of that accident, which you can see here, later surfaced.

As it happens, this is not the first time Kang has been arrested for a DUI.

In fact, it’s his third such arrest.

In one respect, Kang is lucky. While we can’t say anything for sure, it’s fair to speculate that if Kang has been arrested for a DUI three times in seven years, he’s probably actually driven drunk on more occasions. He’s quite fortunate that he hasn’t caused any harm to himself or others.

In another respect, though, while Kang has no one but himself to blame, he is quite unfortunate.

Even if Kang doesn’t spend time behind bars, we have to wonder what kind of discipline Kang may face from Major League Baseball. In addition to the DUI charges in Korea, Kang has a pending sexual assault charge¬†in the United States.

But this won’t stop once whatever punishment he faces is handed out and served. Will Pittsburgh remain loyal to a player with so many off field issues? Will any of MLB’s 29 other teams have any interest in bringing Kang aboard?

Far more needs to be determined before we can call this a potential career ending problem. But if he hasn’t already ruined his career (not to mention his life), Kang is certainly headed down that path.