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Julio Jones sends Twitter into a frenzy after making big changes on his account

Julio Jones

It’s pretty crazy how influential athletes like Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones can be. With a simple action on Monday — Jones made his Twitter account private and removed any affiliation with the Falcons (unfollowed the team, etc.), except for his profile picture — he sent Falcons fans and NFL watchers everywhere into a panic.

Jones also changed his background image to show himself, from behind, staring out into the sun on a beach somewhere. Needless to say, many people really went wild wondering what this is all about.


And it didn’t help that some fake accounts were out there spreading LIES, either.



At this point, fans are just desperate to know why. Why, Julio? Why?

Then again, maybe someone just got into his phone and did all this as a prank. Hopefully, for the sake of Falcons fans everywhere, he lets us all in on the secret, soon enough.