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Julio Jones: I’ll be a Falcon forever

Julio Jones and Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones had Atlanta Falcons fans in a tizzy recently when he made some drastic changes to his Twitter account. Then those fears were stoked even more when he didn’t show up for voluntary workouts, sparking fears that he might be feeling some frustration with the organization.

Well, Jones put all those fears to rest with some pretty strong statements about his team, speaking to TMZ Sports. When asked if Arthur Blank’s recent statement about Jones being a Falcon forever were true, Jones said, “Yeah, I am.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Jones said, according to TMZ Sports. “I love the team, I love the organization, I love everybody there. We’re good. “Everybody wants a story right now,” Jones said.

“There’s no story to be told. I’m just working, getting myself better. I’m just working on myself right now. That’s all it is. There’s no bad blood between me and the team or anything like that. It’s just everybody on the outside trying to look in and destroy what we built there.”

Jones also said he’s excited to be teaming up with fellow Crimson Tide product, Calvin Ridley, whom the team drafted in the first round this April.

So, it seems clear that Jones isn’t thinking about moving on, or that he has any major problem with the Falcons. That’s a good thing.