Julian Edelman (the seal) returned to sea nearly a year after being rescued

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last May, Marine Mammals of Maine rescued a baby harbor seal that was thought to have been abandoned not long after birth, and it was named after NFL star Julian Edelman.

On Tuesday, Julian Edelman (the seal) returned to the sea, fully healthy and weighing more than 60 pounds, per NBC 10 News.

The real Julian Edelman is obviously happy that his namesake is back in his natural element.

Rescuers had to work overtime initially to rescue the pup, included “formula feeds every three hours, weekly exams and daily cleaning of the umbilicus, which are all routine for abandoned pups,” per the report.

Edelman also was dealing with an ongoing ear infection, which contributed to its long stay at the Mystic Aquarium.

Now Edelman is ready to get life started as an ocean creature.