Josh Rosen: Never said I don’t want to play for Browns

Josh Rosen is an outspoken person, but the UCLA quarterback’s words have occasionally been twisted. That’s exactly the case with a previous comment about draft position.

According to NFL Media’s Mike Silver, Rosen offered a reminder he’s never said Cleveland isn’t the right fit.

“I’ve never said anything about not wanting to play in Cleveland. I don’t know where that came from. There’s absolutely no foundation in reality in that.”

Rosen’s comment is the product of him saying he’d rather be picked low in the right situation than picked high in a poor fit. Immediately, the interpretation was “Rosen doesn’t want to play for Cleveland.”

However, he never actually said that.

Sure, it’s possible Rosen isn’t keen on the idea of trying to resurrect the Browns, who have been a laughingstock for years. Over the last two seasons, they’ve managed a single win in 32 games. That’s a tough situation for any quarterback — veteran or rookie.

But if Cleveland wants the UCLA product, Rosen appears willing to take on the challenge of lifting the Browns out of mediocrity.