Josh Rosen looks positively THRILLED to announce partnership with Adidas

By Jesse Reed

On Monday, Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Josh Rosen made a major announcement on Twitter that he has agreed to partner with athletic apparel giant Adidas.

You’d think that such an announcement would be accompanied by a piece of media that encapsulated some modicum of joy, or accomplishment, or…something.

However, Rosen’s picture choice was about as far from any of that as possible.

He sure doesn’t seem all that excited.

Though, maybe Rosen subscribes to the same stoicism that we’ve grown to love and expect from the likes of Eli Manning, who always seems to exude meh.

Or, perhaps Rosen is just so focused on the work he has in front of him that smiling just isn’t an option.

Or maybe that IS his huge smile. I mean, if you squint real hard you can see a slight upturn of his lips at the corners.