Josh Rosen blasts critics who question his love of the game

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen is on a mission to prove he’s not going to be a problem as he works towards a career in the NFL. Last season there were reports that indicated NFL teams were concerned about Rosen’s character (one AFC executive called him a mess off the field) and love for the game of football.

Responding to all that, Rosen absolutely blasted the notion he’s not completely dedicated to the game of football in an interview with Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes.

“I don’t love the game? Really? If I didn’t love the game, I wouldn’t be out here getting my ass kicked,” Rosen said.

“I don’t know why [scouts] say things like that. Because I speak about things other than football? Come on. I want to play 15 years in the NFL. I want to be great. I want my team to be great, to win championships,” Rosen said. “Tom Brady might be able to play three or four more years. That’s ridiculous to even think about, and that’s the bar. I’ll play in the NFL as long as they’ll have me, as long as I’m physically able to play. Is that love of the game?”

Rosen has a chance to become one of the top quarterbacks taken in the 2018 NFL Draft, if not the top guy off the board completely. He’s got some proving to do, however, before that all comes together.

After a very impressive season in 2015 as a true freshman, Rosen’s sophomore campaign got off to a rocky start in Week 1 and got worse from there. He then struggled with accuracy all season and threw just 10 touchdowns in six games. Then suddenly his season came to a screeching halt when it was revealed he was dealing with a nerve issue in his throwing shoulder.

Back in action now for the Bruins, fully healthy, Rosen is doing everything in his power to turn over a new leaf. He’s no longer posting stuff on social media that might stir the pot, opting instead for a lower profile. If that continues to be the case, and if Rosen can elevate his game, then the NFL’s bottom feeders will be fighting off one another to land him next spring.

In 19 career games at UCLA, Rosen has completed 59.7 percent of his passes for 5,584 yards with 33 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. That completion percentage is worrisome, because players that don’t complete a high percentage of passes in college rarely become accuracy kings at the NFL level.

Needless to say, Rosen has his work cut out for him to realize his dream of playing 15 years at the NFL level.