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Josh McCown creates controversy on first day at ESPN

Jesse Reed
Josh McCown
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Josh McCown retired a couple of days ago and was immediately hired by EPSN. On his first day, during his first “SportsCenter” appearance, he immediately stirred up controversy.

McCown was asked to rank his top-five NFL receivers. That’s a tough list to navigate, all on its own given the level of talent at this position around the league.

And it’s easy to see why he chose his first three selections:

  • Julio Jones
  • Michael Thomas
  • Odell Beckham Jr.

Now, here’s where he went off the rails. For his fourth and fifth selections, he chose:

  • Julian Edelman
  • Mike Evans

Social media users everywhere couldn’t believe what they saw, as McCown chose Edelman over the likes of DeAndre Hopkins and Antonio Brown.


Let’s be honest about this: Given the way ESPN has been trending these days, McCown’s list should not come as a surprise.