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In order to help his players keep their focus before matches, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has issued a ban against playing Pokémon Go.

Per John Mahoney of the Daily Star, Mourinho has insisted players cease playing Pokémon Go two days in advance of their upcoming match against Manchester City in China. He wants the players “to be focused solely on tactics” during the 48 hours leading up to the upcoming tilt.

“Jose loves having a great relationship with his players and staff, and thinks it’s great for them to chill and relax away from training and games,” said a club source, per the Daily Star. “He’s still finding his way around Old Trafford and treading carefully. The only thing he has picked up on which he’s told the lads of is his concern about Pokémon.”

There can be no doubt Pokémon Go has created many an interesting scenario for people worldwide. Some laud the game for its ability to help people interact socially while others are worried it only further tethers us to our phones.

Some people have been struck by cars playing the game. A football player from the University of Iowa had police draw guns on him while he was playing, thinking he was a bank robbery suspect. Another person got trapped inside Oklahoma University’s football stadium playing this game.

There are countless other stories, and all prove that playing Pokémon Go can be quite distracting. With this in mind, we applaud Mourinho for his ban.