Jose Canseco plans on ‘living as a woman’ to support Caitlyn Jenner

By Jesse Reed
Jose Canseco, courtesy of

Jose Canseco—he of the muscle-bound Bash Brothers—is planning on living as a woman for one week to support Caitlyn Jenner.

He’ll wear makeup, wear dresses and high heels (“the works, according to TMZ).

For posterity, Canseco will have the entire week documented. He’ll be filming everything and will be sharing his experience with the world on his new Internet reality show “Spend a Day with Jose.”

Per TMZ, Canseco is taking the whole thing seriously.

No doubt the show will have plenty of viewers. Canseco is always an interesting character, whether you love him or hate him. And it’s for a good cause. Regardless of your political, religious or moral views, people are people, and the hate coming out of different groups these days is just too much.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see if Canseco can walk in heels?

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