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Jordan Palmer: Josh Allen is a ‘really unique arm talent’

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Palmer has shifted into a career as a personal quarterback coach, and the former NFL signal-caller believes top prospect Josh Allen possesses a rare ability.

While appearing on Adam Schefter’s podcast, Palmer said Allen’s arm strength is in the same class as Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions.

“[Allen] has the ability to effortlessly put way more [velocity] than he needs to on the ball. But at the same time he has the ability to control it.┬áHe’s not a fastball thrower. He has an amazing fastball, but he doesn’t have to do that, he knows he doesn’t have to use that.”

Palmer also addressed Allen’s career 56.2 completion percentage, saying the former Wyoming quarterback shared the field with zero future NFL players.

The first part of Palmer’s comments is undeniably true. Purely from an arm talent perspective, Allen has one of the strongest arms in draft history. He’s touched 60 miles per hour on the radar gun and can launch a pass 70-plus yards.

However, arm strength is simply one piece of the quarterback puzzle. His accuracy is a legitimate concern, and every Allen apologist quickly points out a poor supporting cast in college. That was true in 2017, but most certainly not the case in 2016 when he tossed 15 interceptions.

Regardless, Allen is likely to hear his name called early in the 2018 NFL draft. And he’ll soon have an opportunity to prove his elite rare arm strength is that of a franchise quarterback and not a potential bust.