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Jordan Matthews has hilarious take on playing in Buffalo

Having just re-signed with his original Philadelphia Eagles team, veteran wide receiver Jordan Mathews is back to where it all started. This came after a season playing for the Buffalo Bills and an offseason with the New England Patriots.

In talking about his time in Buffalo, the former second-round pick from Vanderbilt threw some major trade in the direction of the Western New York region. In the process, he provided one of the best quotes we’ve ever seen from an NFL player.

You ready?

Okay, now that your beverage is cleaned from the screen of whatever device you’re using, let’s all continue to laugh together.

Matthews is technically blaming a lackluster scene in Buffalo for spending enough time with his wife to have a child.

Let this resonate for a second.

“There wasn’t anything to do there but each other.”

We’re done. The year 2018 is officially over. This wins everything. Thanks for playing.