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Jon Gruden would make infield dirt ‘permanent’ on ‘every NFL field’

Jesse Reed
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Gruden is the gift that keeps on giving. When he’s not seemingly trolling himself making comments about how darn hard it is to find a pass rusher, he’s gifting us with gems like the one you’re about to soak in.

You see, Gruden wishes the infield dirt that the Oakland Raiders feature early in the season due to a shared field with the Oakland Athletics was a permanent feature.

Not only in Oakland, mind you. But everywhere.

It’s worth pointing out that most players cannot stand playing on the field in Oakland while it features that infield dirt. Kickers especially hate it, because it’s much harder to get their plant foot to stay stead on that surface.

Anyway, Gruden loves the dirt.

Which is just one more way that he seems to be disconnected to the game as it is today.