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Jon Gruden viciously trolled Stephen A. Smith discussing Sunday’s game

Jesse Reed
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Gruden may not be doing a lot of winning on the gridiron this year as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, but he still knows how to destroy folks in the media.

Check out this comment he made about the team’s upcoming game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Now, if you weren’t aware of the immense gaffe Stephen A. Smith committed before Thursday night’s game between Kansas City and Los Angeles, you might be inclined to believe Gruden has well and truly lost his mind.

However, when we do take into account Smith’s ridiculously uninformed takes, it makes perfect sense. Gruden absolutely leveled his former ESPN colleague from the top rope with this epic troll job.

It’s almost as good as what the Chargers did in response to Smith via their injury report.