Johnny Manziel surfaces on Instagram to congratulate Von Miller

By Rachel Wold

It has been approximately five weeks since Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has posted anything on his Twitter or Instagram account.

However, the quarterback finally surfaced when he posted this congratulations message to Von Miller on his Instagram.

His message was very brief.

“Champ @millerlite40”

Amongst all the celebratory festivities, Miller found the time to respond to Manziel’s post.

Miller wrote this supportive message to Manziel whose life is pretty much spiraling out of control:

“I Love you fam! Grind, get back to Johnny all the ags know and love, Grind bro, 2yrs ago they counted me out, 2yrs frm now you can do the same!! Support no matter what! #love@jmanziel2

Both players came into the league having played their college ball at Texas A&M.

Miller can somewhat relate to Manziel’s current struggles, having dealt with some adverse off field issues a couple of years ago.

Since Christmas, Manziel has made various headlines for posting partying videos, missing his last game and skipping to Vegas in disguise. If that wasn’t bad enough, just last week he allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend after reportedly hitting her several times.

Many have reached out to the troubled quarterback over the past weeks offering their support. But at this point in time, Manziel is the only one who can help himself by seeking the professional intervention he truly needs.