Johnny Manziel signs $100 bill, owner receiving four-figure offers

By David Kenyon

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel signed a $100 bill for an autograph-seeker, Caleb Leach, who has received four-figure offers for the unique memorabilia.

According to ESPN’s Pat McManamon, Leach said he wanted didn’t want Manziel to sign a new hat, so Leach’s friend Kyle Horner extended the bill over the FirstEnergy Stadium wall.

Perhaps unexpectedly, Manziel promptly penned his official signature and added “Money Manziel.”

“He had his game face on,” Horner said of Manziel, per ESPN. “He saw it and just smirked, then went right back to his game face.”

Manziel’s go-to celebration at Texas A&M was the “money sign,” which he retired during the offseason to help shake his “distraction” label. That plan hasn’t proceeded as hoped, but that’s not an issue here — nor should Manziel having a sense of humor about his old nickname.

One thing is for sure, though. If someone shells out the cash for Money Manziel money, it’s going to run a considerably large bill.