Johnny Manziel selling line of clothing to capitalize on comeback

Johnny Manziel has been planning a comeback for the ages the past year or so. He’s potentially got a gig in the CFL lined up and has made it clear his main focus in life is to become a professional football player once again.

And now, if you are into Manziel in a big way, you can help support him by buying merchandise from his online store. Manziel has launched a product line called “Comeback$ZN,” which he is promoting on social media.

To be quite fair, compared to the likes of the Ball family and the Big Baller Brand, Money Manziel has some relatively reasonable prices for those who want in on this action. And, funny enough, he’s got some rather high-profile clients already interested in his gear.

The Manziel comeback tour is going to be interesting to track. We’ll be watching eagerly to see what happens next. Of course, actually playing in a pro game will likely have a significant impact on the bottom line here. So stay tuned!