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Report: While intoxicated, Johnny Manziel hit, threatened girlfriend

Johnny Manziel

According to TMZ Sports, they have obtained the police report stemming from an argument between Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend on Jan. 30.

Per the report, Manziel’s ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley alleged the Cleveland Browns quarterback hit her “several times.” Crowley told the police that Manziel was “on some kind of drugs” but maintained he wasn’t drunk.

Crowley, after being hit on her left ear, told Manziel she hated him. She added that Manziel said he was going to drop her off at her home then “go kill himself.”

WFAA adds Crowley attempted to defuse the situation by telling Manziel she loved him. Crowley said Manziel laughed and threatened to kill them both if she wouldn’t keep quiet.

TMZ notes the arguing and hitting of Crowley took place while she and Manziel were en route from a hotel in Dallas back to her apartment. After arriving there, Crowley reportedly ran to a neighbor and Manziel fled on foot.

The police resorted to a helicopter to search for Manziel when they were not able to find him near Crowley’s apartment.

If Crowley’s claims are true, Manziel is in more of trouble than originally thought. Striking anyone — in particular a woman — and reportedly being high on some type of substance while committing his act of domestic violence are serious allegations that Manziel will ultimately have to answer to and potentially pay for.

On a slow downhill spiral since the Browns drafted him in 2014, it would appear Manziel’s latest lapse of judgment could be his last as a member of the NFL, provided Crowley’s allegations are true.

Either way, Manziel is in need of some serious intervention. What team may possibly reach out if the Browns cut Manziel should be the least of anyone’s worries.