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Johnny Manziel ineligible for rebooted XFL

Michael Dixon

The 2020 reboot of the XFL would seemingly be an opening for Johnny Manziel to get back into professional football. But league boss Vince McMahon noted that players like the former Cleveland Browns quarterback and 2012 Heisman Trophy winner will not be in his league.

“We are evaluating a player based on many things, including the quality of human being they are,” McMahon said, via ESPN’s Darren Rovell. “If you have any sort of criminal record or commit a crime you aren’t playing in this league.”

Rovell specifically noted that that disqualifies Manziel, who tweeted his excitement about the league shortly after the announcement.

He also tweeted an apparent response to Rovell.

In some ways, Manziel would seem to be a longshot for the XFL, anyway. He last played in the NFL in 2015. If his planned comeback falls short and he doesn’t play elsewhere in the meantime, four full NFL seasons (2016-2019) will have come and gone before the XFL’s launch in January, 2020.

Still, it’s worth noting that Manziel has an offer in Canada and is determined to return to football soon. It’s also worth noting Manziel will only be 27 at the time of the debut. So, if McMahon does lighten up on that policy, Manziel could be a prime (and apparently, quite willing) participant. But until then, the XFL will not be an option.