Johnny Manziel grand jury ends without hearing case

Without giving any explanation as to why it happened, the grand jury assigned by the Dallas police to look into Johnny Manziel’s domestic assault case has ended without ever hearing the case, per Jack Douglas of CBS 11 News.

“The case was ‘rescheduled,” and will ‘probably’ be heard by a new grand jury, said Brittany Dunn, spokeswoman for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.”

Well golly gee, no wonder Manziel has been partying it up since news of the grand jury broke in the first place.

This is rather confounding.

Manziel is being accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, to the point where he hit her so hard her eardrum ruptured. He also had the cops chasing him around town in a helicopter and is alleged to have threatened Crowley’s life and his own in the same ordeal.

These aren’t minor issues we’re talking about here.

This is Manziel in jail type stuff, if he’s actually charged.

“The domestic violence case, a misdemeanor, carries a maximum punishment, upon conviction, of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine,” writes Douglas.

The fact that the DA’s office is saying it will “probably” be heard by a new grand jury doesn’t really mean anything at this point, given what just happened.

One could come up with some conspiratorial ideas about this, and for good reason.

In the meantime, Manziel has been bar-hopping around the country, partying with famous people and making tabloids lots of money. His NFL career is in serious jeopardy but he doesn’t seem to care. Given the way he has never had to really pay for his mistakes throughout his pampered life, it’s not surprising.