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Joel Embiid cleared for first back-to-back in NBA career

David Kenyon
Joel Embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers have exercised extreme caution with injury-prone center Joel Embiid, but the young superstar finally has a chance to move forward in his NBA career.

Embiid played Sunday in the team’s loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder and is cleared for Monday’s clash with the Milwaukee Bucks, perĀ Keith Pompey of theĀ Philly Inquirer.

“I just got told I was available. I think it’s depending on how I feel after the game. But I expect to feel great, because my body has been feeling really good. … Hopefully, I will play.”

As a rookie, Embiid missed at least one side of Philadelphia’s nine back-to-back sets prior to his season-ending injury. And in 2017-18, he’s been unavailable for one matchup in five back-to-backs.

This assuredly comes as a huge relief for Embiid, who previously said he doesn’t feel like an NBA player because of the restriction.

Although the Sixers will likely occasionally rest the All-Star in future back-to-backs, Embiid can finally add “appeared in games on consecutive nights” to his NBA resume. That doesn’t seem like much, but it’s important progress for Embiid and the team.