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Joe Thomas savages Twitter troll about Johhny Manziel comments

Rachel Wold
Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas

Cleveland Browns All-Pro tackle Joe Thomas is not a fan former quarterback Johnny Manziel. Thomas recently blamed the failure of head coach Mike Pettine on Manziel.

“The problem with the Mike Pettine experience in Cleveland as a head coach was Johnny Manziel, Thomas said on his podcast.”

Tell us how you really feel, Joe. Apparently, the comment made about Manziel rubbed this particular anti-Thomas fan the wrong way.

But as we can figure, Thomas did not leave the Morris tweet alone. He brutally slammed the guy for having only one follower.

At the time of this story, Morris now has two followers. Perhaps as this article gains speed, Morris might collect more. Or maybe not so much.

Thomas could return to the Browns for his 11th season in the league in 2018. If he does, he’ll be a very rich man. His injury last year marked the first that he was ever forced to miss time suiting up in Cleveland.

Which quarterback Thomas helps protect when he returns, though, is anybody’s guess.