Joe Thomas: Ego caused Richard Sherman to get ‘absolutely crushed’ on contract

Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas

According to some folks, cornerback Richard Sherman did not negotiate a fair-value contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Sherman acted as his own agent, as he’s done throughout his career. And for some reason, Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas thought it appropriate to tweet on Sherman’s poor negotiating skills.

Thomas’ tweet was not out there long before Sherman was out there setting things straight.

Sherman is banking on making a full recovery and playing to the best of his abilities. If he can, he will eventually be rewarded. As Sherman points out, he is injured. The 49ers were not going to dump a bunch of guaranteed money Sherman’s way at this early stage of the game.

Sherman negotiated a three-year deal worth nearly $39 million. It is structured to protect the 49ers, but also gives Sherman the opportunity to earn up to $13 million this year (more on that here.)

At the end of the day, Sherman’s contract is his own business. Though, it was nice of Sherman to say that he “appreciates” Thomas’ input.