Joe Theismann Trolls Roger Goodell About Deflategate on Twitter

Legendary Washington quarterback Joe Theisman is the latest in a long line of former and current NFL players who are disgruntled with commissioner Roger Goodell.

Just minutes after Goodell announced there would be “no timetable” for Tom Brady’s appeal ruling (h/t ESPN.com), Theisman took to Twitter to express his displeasure:

It’s a given that Brady will take Goodell to court if the commissioner doesn’t take the entire suspension off the books. The Wells Report, while riddled with circumstantial evidence that supports the theory that Brady knew and was orchestrating ball deflation for games, doesn’t prove a darn thing in this regard.

Furthermore, before Goodell’s brutal four-game suspension levied against Brady, the previous punishment for ball tampering was a mere $25,000 fine.

Players are tired of the heavy hand wielded by Goodell. Theisman, along with countless others, have come to Brady’s defense, but the commissioner hasn’t budged an inch to this point in the proceedings.

Until Goodell finally does rule on this matter, you can be sure there will be no end to the amount of strong opinions against him on Twitter and other social media outlets.

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images