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Joe Maddon pokes fun at MLB safety rules, suggests cup checks and face masks

Joe Maddon

When it comes to trolling Major League Baseball, the only man who can do it successfully and with so much grace is Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

Recently, he did the perfect job poking fun at the MLB safety rules in an interview with CSN Chicago.

“I have some other additions to it,” he explained. “I had to think about it some more. I thought of other ways for protectionism.”

What were some of these additions Maddon wants to suggest?

How about eliminating the headfirst slide rule so nobody gets hurt?

“You hurt your hand. Your eye could be poked out. There are all these different things that could occur on the headfirst slide.”

The Cubs skipper also added other tips for the safety rules, including having pitchers wear helmets, face masks to be worn by hitters, and cup checks. Yes, cup checks.

“And finally, even when I coached third base in the minor leagues, I always wore a cup. I was always concerned, so I think there needs to be a cup check as players run onto the field now, in order to prevent the potential for the loss of future families.”

Safety first, according to Maddon.