Joe Haden believes a Browns’ winning season would upstage the Cavaliers

There is one winning team in Cleveland. And it is definitely not the Browns.

However, cornerback Joe Haden remains ever-so-dedicated and a true believer in his embattled team. So much so that Haden is trying to convince Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson that the Browns would be the new talk of Cleveland should they have a breakout season.

If you are still with us and can see through all the tears in your eyes from laughing hysterically, this is what Haden had to say.

“Tristan (Thompson) knows. If the Browns are winning like the Cavs? It’ll be a different vibe,” the former Pro Bowler said, via the Canton Rep.

For a little statistical background, the Browns are 37-91 since 2008. Overall, they have played exactly one playoff game since 2002. As it relates to the Cavaliers, they are three wins away from playing in their second consecutive NBA Finals.

Coming off an injury-plagued 2015 season, Haden is hopeful that a left ankle injury that limited him to five games mends completely. He’s also pretty excited about Cleveland’s new head coach.

 “In my time in Cleveland. I think Hue Jackson is the best thing that has happened.”

Well, that’s just sad. Equally as disheartening, Jackson is the Browns 10th head coach since 1991.

It’s not likely the Browns are going to upstage the Cavaliers, much less their competition in the AFC North this fall. But even a handful more wins would definitely have Cleveland football fans feeling a lot less embarrassed.