Joe Flacco fine with London game, allows him to get away from his children

By Vincent Frank
photo courtesy of CBS Sports

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has a dry sense of humor. It takes some a while to catch on. But when Flacco decides to throw a joke out there, pay attention. He’s Jerry Seinfeld-esque in every sense of the word.

That didn’t change recently when Flacco addressed the announcement that his Ravens were slated to play a game in London next season.

His response was about as good as it gets.

Those of us without four little ones are probably wondering why he wants to get away from his children. Then again, try raising four kids. Every day. Every single day. And yes, a trip to London would seem to be a nice getaway.

Let’s just hope Flacco’s better half doesn’t decide to make it a family vacation. That would be all sorts of bad for the Ravens’ quarterback.

Baltimore is set to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 3 at the famed Wembley Stadium. Whether his children are in attendance promises to be a point of contention in the Flacco household.