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San Francisco 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo trade market cold leading up to NFL Draft

There’s been a ton of talk about a potential Jimmy Garoppolo trade this offseason. With the San Francisco 49ers and the rest of the league preparing for the start of the NFL Draft Thursday evening, it doesn’t look like anything is going to come to fruition on this end.

“I don’t get the sense that the Jimmy Garoppolo market is hot right now, and the 49ers have made their peace with the fact that teams won’t be willing to part with much in exchange for Garoppolo until after they’ve seen him thrown in late June/early July coming off shoulder surgery.”

ESPN’s Dan Graziano on potential Jimmy Garoppolo trade

It’s also being noted that one of the few quarterback-needy teams remaining, the Carolina Panthers, have never really been hot on acquiring Garoppolo despite struggling quarterback Sam Darnold remaining their starter.

Garoppolo is coming off off-season shoulder surgery and has not yet been able to throw. That has led to a watered-down market for his services over the past couple months.

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All quiet on the Jimmy Garoppolo trade front

Jimmy Garoppolo trade
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

49ers general manager John Lynch held his annual pre-draft press conference on Monday. In said presser, he made it clear that San Francisco will not simply give Garoppolo away. Lynch also told reporters that the 49ers have budgeted to have Garoppolo on the roster come Week 1 despite youngster Trey Lance likely being the starter.

“Guys like that don’t fall out of trees. He’s a good player at a position where they’re hard to find. And so you certainly don’t just give guys like that away and we can, I guess, foot the bill if you want to describe it as that. And so we’ll be patient with that one.”

49ers general manager John Lynch on Jimmy Garoppolo

This could obviously be PR spin on Lynch’s part as the 49ers attempt to create some type of market for Garoppolo. As a former member of the media, the Hall of Famer knows how to play this game. His comments about being unable to imagine a scenario in which Deebo Samuel is traded adds a layer to this. Despite Lynch’s public comments, San Francisco has had trade talks surrounding the disgruntled receiver.

As for a potential Jimmy Garoppolo trade, we have to circle back to the Carolina Panthers. As noted above, they seem to be cold on the idea of acquiring him. In what can’t be too much of a coincidence, Panthers owner David Tepper now somehow believes that Darnold could be a franchise guy.

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Carolina’s flirtation with Deshaun Watson and other quarterbacks coupled with suggestions that it could take a signal caller No. 6 overall in the NFL Draft makes this new-found stance hard to believe.

Right now, it’s silly season around the league. San Francisco and Carolina could be negotiating through the media with leaks and information.

Even then, it does seem unlikely that Garoppolo will be dealt here soon. If it does happen, expect something to go down during Day 2 of the draft in Las Vegas on Friday.