Jimbo Fisher brushes off critics saying he left FSU program in shambles

C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

For a time, Jimbo Fisher built Florida State into a dominant program, but by the time he left for Texas A&M things had fallen apart — something Fisher has been heavily criticized for the past year or so.

Recently, FSU athletic director Dave Colburn did an interview with Bleacher Report and said Fisher “pulled the ripcord” leaving the program in shambles.

He continued to throw blame toward Fisher for the way the program struggled in Willie Taggart’s first year: “What’s real is there absolutely were locker room issues, and now, too, you can see the [academic] issues. Willie had a lot to deal with, beyond the field, when he got this job, and he’s been busy dealing with it. That’s [Taggart’s] biggest culture change.”

On Tuesday during SEC Media Days, Fisher was asked about the renewed criticism thrown his way. His reply indicates that he isn’t even remotely bothered by it.

“In this business, you learn to have tough skin,” Fisher said Tuesday during SEC media days. “You learn the circumstances of everything that happens and how it happens. That’s part of this business. People are going to say and write things, and you know what goes on and you move on.

“I have nothing but respect for my time at Florida State. It is a phenomenal place and those players and kids and everyone that was there. I had great time. We had great success. I wish them nothing but the best. You move on with your business and move on. They’ll be successful I know. That’s a great program.”

If we’re being honest, Fisher’s response is nothing if not diplomatic. Though, it may have something to do with his insanely enormous salary at Texas A&M.