Jim Kelly taking his first steps after surgery

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly underwent surgery last week to remove cancerous cells in his upper jaw. As part of the grueling 12-hour surgery, doctors had to remove bone from his fibula to replace the jaw bone that was removed.

Just four days later, Kelly is already taking his first steps.

Erin Kelly-Bean, Kelly’s daughter, posted a message to her Instagram account on Sunday, celebrating Easter and the fact that her dad has begun to walk again.


The surgeon that performed the surgery on Kelly, Dr. Mark Urken, was happy to report that the procedure went well. Per ESPN’s Mike Rodak, the surgery involved taking blood vessels, in addition to part of his fibula, to rebuild his upper jaw.

Kelly had previously announced that cancer had returned back on March 1, asking for prayers and admitting he was “shocked and disappointed to receive this news.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kelly family as he continues to battle.