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Jim Irsay ‘optimistic’ that Andrew Luck has ‘turned the corner’

Jesse Reed
Andrew Luck
Courtesy of USA Today Images

The Indianapolis Colts continue to proclaim the long-term good health of Andrew Luck, who hasn’t played a game in the NFL since the end of the 2016 season. On Monday at the NFL Annual Meeting, owner Jim Irsay said he expects to have Luck as the franchise quarterback for another decade or so.

“All indicators are (the) healing is going really well and we feel really optimistic that he’s turned the corner and has a full decade ahead of him of excellence,’’ Irsay said, per Mike Chappel of CBS 4 in Indianapolis. “That’s a long period of time.’’

The latest news on this front is that Luck is preparing for an “intense throwing regimen” in April and May. The team will know more about the state of his throwing shoulder based on how well he recovers from these sessions.

One of the league’s most accomplished young stars before suffering a shoulder injury at the start of the 2015 campaign, Luck’s last two playing seasons have been marred by poor health, caused by an atrocious offensive line and lack of a running game behind the young quarterback.

If he can get healthy, and if the Colts can protect him, then perhaps he’ll get back on track to lead the Colts into another golden era. If not, then Indy has a serious problem and will need to go back to the drawing board in a major way.