Jim Harbaugh compares Colin Kaepernick to Cam Newton, Peyton Manning

By Michael Dixon
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick’s play during 2015 and 2014 may not have inspired much confidence, but the faith of his former coach Jim Harbaugh has not wavered.

If Harbaugh is saying that his competitive juices are on par with the two quarterbacks that we just saw in the Super Bowl, that’s a great sign. It’s fairly apparent that opposing defenses have figured Kaepernick out. Still, his physical talents are immense.

An athlete, even a great one, that relies solely on his athleticism is not going to be around for long. He may get a few moments of glory but it won’t take long for his opponents to shut him down. A competitive athlete will┬ádo everything in his power to find where he’s been figured out and what new holes have been opened for him to potentially exploit.

Kaepernick still has physical tools. He was a borderline dominant player at times during both the 2012 and 2013 seasons and is only 28 right now. It would be a huge leap to say that his physical skills have diminished so much that he can no longer be a good NFL quarterback.

Really, who would be better than a former coach to speak on someone’s competitiveness? If Harbaugh — Captain Comeback himself — is saying he’s competitive, it should be a sign to the 49ers and the NFL’s other 31 teams that Kaepernick will work hard to get back to his 2012-2013 glory.

While Jim Harbaugh certainly can’t be described as unbiased, this is a pretty solidly worded recommendation.