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Jets’ Jamal Adams doubles down on criticism of the NFL

Vincent Frank
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams took to social media on Wednesday to criticize the NFL for fining him $21,000.

The fine comes after Adams was flagged for a late hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield during Monday night’s loss.

Objectively speaking, Adams shouldn’t have even been flagged for the hit. It looked perfectly clean.

The former first-round pick is now doubling down on his criticism of the NFL with a pretty hilarious take.

We understand full well that the NFL wants to protect those who make the league money. Sadly, it’s quarterbacks such as Mayfield. Safeties simply don’t bring in the cash.

Even then, to flag Adams for a perfectly clean hit is ridiculous. Taking cash from his checking account makes it even more absurd.