Jets Fans Troll Patriots with “Tom Shady” Billboard

By Vincent Frank

Okay, this is pretty good. New York Jets fans are known for their passion. They are also known for being a bit creative when it comes to insulting both their players and members of opposing teams.

Remember the “Fire Idzik” billboards from last year? Well, long-suffering Jets fans have outdone themselves here.


Tom Brady allegedly cheated. Hence, Tom “Shady.” Get it?

Unfortunately for Jets fans, none of the four games Brady is slated to miss due to his suspension from the Deflategate scandal will be against the division rivals. This means that the future Hall of Famer will be back on the field to take on the Jets twice this season.

It’s also likely that Brady and company will get the last laugh here. The Patriots signal caller is 20-6 in his career against the Jets.

H/t @BartHubbuch on Twitter